My Cervical Cancer talk at The Radisson Blu - Women's Day 2018

As a cervical cancer survivor, it's very important to me to speak to women and to give them the facts so that they can make informed decisions, and that they can know that this disease is preventable. The Radisson Blu Hotel invited me to speak at their 2018 Women's Day Breakfast this morning. I gave some statistics, and told the ladies a little bit about my own story. I used an online voting system to poll the audience, as this is a sensitive topic, and voting online provides anonymity. These were the results:

It was an interactive session and the ladies asked a lot of questions. Click here to view a short clip of the talk:

The feedback was overwhelming, and most of the ladies are planning to go for their PAP Smear soon. A successful morning indeed:

  • "Yes I did enjoy it And I learned about early vaccination amongst other things".

  • "I enjoyed the talk. Very informative. Thank you so much, and for being such a strong person. God bless you".

  • "Yes the speech was eye opening".

Until next time,


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