New Content Marketing / Social Media Campaigns, Only a Few Available

Does your business need a presence on social media, but you don't know where to start? Then this is for you!

Are you completely overwhelmed by the idea of content marketing? Think about it this way: if Salon A posts bad cellphone photos every now and then, and salon B posts content that is beautifully designed, authentic, and posted consistently, who is going to come to mind when you need a pedicure done? That is the power of content marketing. It keeps you top of mind with your audience. Running a business is difficult enough, creating content should be the least of your concerns. Focus on working in your business while we work on your business.

Content marketing differs from advertising in that it is a planned and systematic approach to branding, i.e. setting your business apart from others like it. This is done by creating posts for social media that are beautiful but also packed with relevant, useful information.  Advertising interrupts people by putting an offer in front of them, but content marketing draws them in by being informative. 

Creating content for these platforms:

Look at what's included:

A Strategy Session & Content Curation - all 3 campaigns:

We set up a meeting to discover who your target market is, and how we'll use social media content marketing to appeal to them.  We look at your current content (if you have any) and decide what to keep, what to repurpose, and what to throw out. Once you've signed up, we finalise your content marketing plan.

Visual Posts - all 3 campaigns:

Depending on the campaign you sign up for, visual posts can range from content you supply to industry-specific stock photographs and/or original photography of your products or service offering. Once a month we could also create slideshow videos from stills, as seen here. Visual posts will be supplied for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

Blog Posts - all 3 campaigns:

If your industry is easy to research, and there is a lot of information available online (like the beauty industry) we will brainstorm and write blog posts for you. If your industry is quite technical, we'll need you to supply us with relevant information that we will re-write into blog posts for you. Either way, your content will be original, not copied or forwarded from other sites. Blog posts won't just be posted on your website, but also on social media, specifically on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. And there is the added benefit of ranking higher on Google when you use the right keywords in your content!

A Photoshoot - Silver and Gold campaign:

The Silver Campaign includes a new profile photo, and the Gold Campaign includes a new profile photo as well as photos taken of your products or service offering. Let's say you own a bookstore. We could photograph patrons reading your books, close up photos of books or photos of books displayed on a table with a cup of coffee. There is so much we can do! The idea is to create a library of content that can be posted over the six month period.

Additional a la carte options available (not included in these campaigns):



Sponsored/promoted posts.



Book now, space is limited:

Phone me on +27 83 280 4468, or email If you're in Johannesburg we will set up an in-person meeting to discuss your strategy. If you're not, we will set up a video call to discuss your needs. In order to give clients the best possible service, space is limited, so book now! 

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