The Power of Starting Again

Do you believe in new beginnings? I do. I believe we have new opportunities every day, and our success depends on what we do with those new beginnings. It’s the end of January and if history is anything to go by, most people have given up on their new year’s resolutions or the goals that they’ve set for 2019. They’ve settled back into a routine, perhaps believing that they don’t have what it takes or that failing one day makes them a failure. Not so. Let’s take weight loss as an example. Compare these two people:

  • Julia starts a diet. She gets tempted by the chocolate cake a colleague brings to work, has a slice of cake and feels like a total failure. Feeling this way negates any progress she’s already made. Instead of just course correcting, she decides to throw in the towel. She spends the rest of the year berating herself and ends up heavier at the end of the year than at the beginning of January when she decided that she wants to lose weight. Not only has she gained weight, but she has taken on the identity of being a failure.

  • Amy starts a diet. She gets tempted by the chocolate cake a colleague brings to work, has a slice of cake and enjoys it. Without feeling guilty, she realises that one day out of 365 won’t make the biggest difference in her weight loss journey. The next day she’s back on track, making healthy decisions. At the end of the year when she looks back at her progress, she remembers that she had a few days like this, but didn’t allow it to derail her. Instead, she course corrected because she sees life as a marathon, not a sprint. Not only has she lost the weight she set out to lose, but she has managed to make healthy decisions on a regular basis, increasing her energy and confidence.

This is a simplified example, but it applies to so many areas in life. Did you do a pitch to a client who didn’t get back to you, or who turned you down? Course correct. Move on to the next client, the next job. Did you pitch an idea to a decision maker who couldn’t make a decision? Course correct, keep going. One mishap or disappointment doesn’t make you a failure. The longer we linger on unmet expectations, the harder it is to get up and try again.

There’s always a second chance, a new opportunity. Every morning is a do-over. Life isn’t black and white, keep your eyes on your goals and course correct when you get thrown off balance. The compass points north, and that’s where you’re headed, don’t allow temporary distractions or perceived failures to cloak you in darkness. Be kind to yourself, you’re worth it.

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