Exploring Authenticity

For the longest time I didn’t do any writing for my blog or the newsletter because I got stuck in the mindset that, because I’m a photographer, my ramblings should only be photography related. I think I may have been mistaken though. Last week I shared the video I made to raise awareness for cervical cancer/HPV/pap smears and early detection. You can see that here:  Cervical Cancer Video.

The video was deeply personal and sharing it left me feeling quite exposed. I knew the message was important and had to be shared, and that was the reason I made the video. However, I didn’t expect the overwhelmingly positive feedback I received. I was inundated with messages of support, and the video was shared many times on Facebook. I realised that people crave authenticity, especially in today’s culture of instant gratification and social media overload. I get the feeling that people are tired of empty motivational posts, of content for the sake of content. There’s a distinct difference between content created to generate likes and shares, and content created from the heart, and people can sense the difference. I’m by no means suggesting that I’m an expert in this area, I certainly am not, but it is a concept I’d like to explore, perhaps even with you.

I've become a huge fan of podcasts, they're a fantastic way to consume good quality content, so I thought I'd leave you with two podcasts I enjoy regularly. You may even say I'm a little addicted:

Enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend and feel free to send me links to content you find authentic and inspirational.

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