Get to the Heart of your Client's Pain Points, then Create your Content

Let's face it, nobody creates content for the sake of creating content. If you want your content to be impactful and to reach the right audience, you have to think about your approach. The ideal would be to create content that gets shared organically. I experienced that when I created the video about cervical cancer prevention. The message was well received, and people shared it without an agenda. The response was overwhelming. I'm thankful for that, but the motive behind creating that content was to benefit others, not to benefit me. The ultimate purpose of creating marketing content is to grow your business. Yet, the only way it will be well-received is if it benefits our audience. That's where many miss the mark. The content they create is so blatantly self-serving, that it loses its impact and falls flat on its face. It's akin to someone on a street corner yelling into a bullhorn, "buy from me, buy my stuff, I'm the best!"

Not long ago, I received a Whatsapp message from a number I didn't know. It was a link to a website. That's it. No message explaining what it was about, or why it was sent to me. I was immediately on the back foot. I use Whatsapp to connect with friends and family, and I don't appreciate the intrusion. Instead of blocking him straight away, as would be my norm, I was curious to see what it was about. The content of the message didn't interest me at all. Instead, it fascinated me that someone would consider this an effective marketing tactic, so I asked him about it. His answer wasn't clear. I'd responded with a question, but the message he communicated still didn't make sense to me. I asked his permission to give him constructive feedback. He agreed, and I told him how I would go about marketing his widget. It didn't seem like he received the message well, and it saddened me a little. I could see a much more effective way of communicating his message, but he didn't seem to agree. So, forever and a day, he's going to be sending unsolicited Whatsapp messages to people. There will only be two responses. They're either going to block him immediately, or first shout at him, and then block him. There has to be a better way.

Keeping this in mind, how do you create content that doesn't get you blocked by default? You determine what your audience wants and needs, and you give it to them. It requires legwork. Your content needs to focus on them, not on you. Telling someone how good you are will only get you so far. Your clients will be unbothered about what you do until you can show them how your widget or service can solve their problem. Humans are inherently self-focused. We’re constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising messaging, leaving us fatigued. Unless a solution can benefit us to the point of eradicating our problem, we’re not interested. The key then, is to determine what your client’s pain points are, and how you can solve it.

How to find your client's pain points:

You ask them. It sounds like a simple solution, but the trick is that you actually have to listen to what they have to say. Really listen, without bias or preconceived ideas. Start by asking them why they approached you. Their perception of their need may be very different to your perception. Once you know why they feel they need your service, keep asking why they feel the project would be of value to them. When you discover what your client values, you will start forming a picture of their pain points. You can structure your messaging accordingly.

Let’s say you make custom furniture. A client approaches you to make her son a desk. You have two options, you could make the desk, which is what the majority of us would do, or you could ask her why he needs a desk. When you start probing, she may say his current desk isn't the right height. Keep asking why, and you may find out that he has constant back pain. When you probe further, she may reveal that the constant back pain is affecting his ability to study, and it's causing mood swings. This is the client's pain point. The right desk will ease his back pain, and relieve the resulting mood swings. Now, you have all the information required to exceed your client's expectations.

This illustration shows how easy it is to get to the bottom of your client's needs. When you start acting from a point of solving your client's problems, instead of just offering the same old service you've always offered, you will set yourself apart from your competition. Next time you create content for distribution, look at your current clients. Assess their needs, and how you can speak to that. You'll be offering genuine value, instead of creating content because you feel you have to, or because everyone is doing it.

Until next time, Marinda

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